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Giving a website as Gift? Good Idea!

Updated: Nov 26, 2022

Make Your Holidays Something Special

Giving a website as Gift? Good Idea!

I know, finding the right gift is never easy task. But have you ever thought about to give someone as a gift their own professional designed website? That's what i call really original and especially useful gift that will delight everyone and it It doesn’t matter if the recipient is the CEO of a big company or just your friend who has a knack for the arts. Everybody deserves a website of their own.

Now you probably wondering WHY?

Well, here is some simple reasons:

1. Websites can help grown their business.

If the recipient is a business owner with good optimized website they can rank well for a well for a variety of search terms and reach more potential customers on Searching Engines. And non Business oriented websites can get more awareness. Remember that a good website is needed if you want to survive in this digital world.

2. Website can use a personal website as a professionals contact page.

If you’ve lived in the 90’s then you can remember flyers or ad pamphlets given by local service people telling you that you can call them if you need something done. Now it's all the same but digital and with websites instead of flyers :)

They can show potential customers what they’ll get when they work with them by displaying high-quality photography on their website and also your products and services. And doesn't matter what they do, they can be plumbers, cookers, teachers ... The purpose of the personal website stays the same, to advertise a person’s expertise.

3. Website can be an avenue for expression.

A personal website does not have to be all about what you do and how good you are at it. It can also be about what you think, feel or what you like. About your experience you want to share with another people. And that's why many people use their personal websites as blogs. If you think the recipient is the kind of person who has a story to tell or who can share his/her feelings and opinions freely, a personal website is indeed a good option and perfect gift for them.

4. Why Not?

We are all living in 21 century in very digital-centric world and giving away a website as a gift is not only ingenious but also quite thoughtful. Many people thinks that websites must cost a fortune to set it up. But that's not true. Website usually won’t cost you much. My prices starts at 1000 USD - You can request personal quote here.


website for Christmas

Happy Holidays! :)


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