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Checklist of things you should definitely have on your Wedding Website

Updated: Nov 26, 2022

Checklist of things you should definitely have on your Wedding Website

Yay! Your Big Day is coming and there is definitely a lot to do before you enter into the marriage union :) Don't worry, I will make your situation a little easier and I will advise you on everything you need to have on your wedding website to the last detail.

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Let's begin!

everything you need to include on your wedding website



Simple as it is, most important information is "Who is getting Married"? This information should be the first thing what your visitors will see. Good is also have your own domain including your both names, for example:, ....


Same as the name, date is also very importing and should be placed somewhere in a prominent place. It's a first thing your wedding guests will looking for.


Don’t forget to put the time of the wedding! You should also include a ceremony start time and a reception start time, especially if there is a break in-between. The more information you can provide, the better!


Here is very important to include all places where your wedding will be happening. Usually it's your wedding Reception, Ceremony and Wedding Party address. The easiest way is to add the google maps link so your guests can easily find the place on the maps.


Countdown is really nice tool to have on your wedding website. It looks good and also it will give your guests an idea of time.


This is really about you and your partner how you write your "LOVE STORY" :) Some of the guests might not know about your journey and this wedding website is perfect place to bring them a bit closer to you. Share with your guests how you met and how you fell for each other.


Pre - Wedding Activity

Let your guests know if there is some events you want them to attend before you say "I do". Tip: Rehearsal Dinner

Day of Wedding

If you have a timeline available, I highly recommend including a schedule on your wedding website. You can also add it there later after you create it :) Let guests know how early they need to arrive before the ceremony starts, cocktail hour, reception, and any other notable events or activities throughout your day.

Post - Wedding Activity

Don’t miss to inform your guests if you are planning to have morning after brunch or other plans which include them.

rsvp website for wedding


Wedding websites like my "wedding website template" offer guest list tools so your loved ones can reply to your invitation at the click of a button! Collect these important information from your guests:

  • Attending / Not Attending

  • Number of Guests

  • E-mail

  • Dietary Requirements

  • Meal Choice


Airport Information

Are you expecting guests who arrive by plane? Then it is very helpful if you include on your wedding website information about which airport they should fly to, how far the airport is from your venue and what transport they should use to get from the airport to you.

Where to stay?

Does your venue have accommodations? Let your guests know there are spots available to stay on site. If you don't provide any accommodation the best thing to do is find nearby hotels or Airbnbs and put them on your website including night rates a link to book it.

How to get around?

Guests who came to your wedding without a car can be shown a local car rental company or inform them about public transport in your city, including the prices.

What to do in town?

Tell your guests what's nice about your town, give them a tips what to do during their staying there. Any recommendation including restaurants, night life, museum or historical buildings.


Add in your album some your favorite personal photos of both of you, maybe if you have also some pre wedding shooting photos, then wedding venue and party photos which your guests can easily download.

If you’re keen for your guests to get snapping, mention your wedding hashtag so they know what to use when posting to their socials.

Finally, if you’d like everyone to share their photos from your wedding to a live feed so all the happy snaps are saved in one place, include those details too.


Be sure to give your guests a contact email or phone number in case they have any questions.


Here is my favorite FAQs I have already included on my "wedding website template":

wedding website template


Let your guests know if you’ve organised a registry, honeymoon or house fund, charitable donation or simply prefer no gifts at all. You can also add a note if you would rather guests not bring their gifts to the wedding.

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